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Why "Providentia"?

As the founder of Providentia Insurance Solutions, I felt it was time to use my experience, knowledge and love for this industry to start my own practice. I have been a commercial insurance consultant for over 20 years, I hold the CIC and CPCU designations and have no issue with labeling myself an "insurance nerd". As I brainstormed on the foundations of my new agency, the name "Providentia" came up -- the Roman goddess of forethought, planning and prudence. That is exactly what insurance is about. It was perfect!


A well built structure must have a strong foundation. Providentia has been built on the simple, yet important, mission to become the risk management extension for all of our clients. We value their dreams and goals, and our commercial insurance expertise will be the support they can count on as they work hard start their business, remain profitable and grow to where they want to be. We manage their accounts with the care and passion we would expect as well. 

I've been fortunate in my career to have met many clients who have become my friends. And, it is truly beautiful to see their organizations thrive through good and tough times. Knowing that I have placed a well structured insurance program that will shield them from devastating financial impact after claim is my sense of accomplishment. Put simply, it is my "why". 

Margarita Laverde, CPCU, CIC



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